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BMW Airhead Motorcycle links

by Duane Ausherman

I don’t guarantee any of these links to be accurate or useful.  I can only say that I saw something interesting in them.  I hope one or more will help.  One should be able to learn almost anything about a BMW by researching enough links, To search for BMW info, I suggest using google.  Go to and type in “BMW motorcycle” first and then the words that may apply to your interest, such as “timing” “fairing” or “wheel bearings” and you will go to some site that can give you the info.  You might be surprised at what you find.

I only update if you send me your suggestions, please.

BMW motorcycle technical information

Slash 2 1955 to 1969

See exploded views of your Bing carbs at

Marc’s step by step R69S restoration  and very good too.

Info on the /2 electrics

To update your /2 ignition/generator system

Parts manuals from 1936-69

How to build a /2 BMW wheel

Some very interesting tidbits on this Website devoted to the Earles fork models.

Slash 5 and later info

The airheads site has some technical tips

See exploded views of your Bing carbs at

Factory specs for /5 at

A restoration “diary” of a R75/5

Mike’s R90/6 restoration

All about the geometry of a /5

Repair your /7 speedo


General BMW tech info

Super list of literature about BMW from way back.  Link no longer working.  Anybody with information?

Get your frame/fork straightened.  Link not working, info wanted

Get your date of manufacture for free, just send the VIN to  and ask nicely.

Technical group for boxers

Modern BMW transmission problems

Spark plug color chart

The F650 FAQ page

One highly recommended wheel balancer that works on a BMW motorcycle.

Some nice pics of old BMW brochures etc.

About air and oil filters


BMW clubs and groups

“Airheads”, some great BMW info

For the Vintage BMW crowd

The BMW singles club for technical info.

This one seems good with a lot of information BMW singles, but it is mostly in German.  To find the English, click on “Home” and then the English flag for English and then under Note:  click on “the INDEX of our website…” and you will go to the English version.  I was not able to link directly and don’t know why.

A club for /2 conversions.

The R90S club has moved to Darryl Richman’s Vintage site

From Mac, “Duane, the R90S Club is gone, replaced by the R90sWorldnet.”

BMW related sites

Newer BMW links at

The main USA supplier of /2 parts

How to buy a used BMW motorcycle

BMW photos of any year

Engine and frame numbers for all years of BMW

Some pictures of Vintage to new BMW engines

Hazet tools (the supplier of some BMW motorcycle tool kits)

Some parts for older BMWs in German

Joe’s Tools, Joe has some very handy tools available.  His headlamp match box relay it wonderful.

For those interested in VW powered BMW motorcycles.  Link not working, info please.

General Motorcycle sites

This is the biggest and best motorcycle group of links

Motorcycle riding tips at

Hundreds of sites about motorcycles

About motorcycles oil filters

Read about riding around the world

Motorcycle tire wear

V-8 motorcycles for your amusement

Site for obscure European motorcycles and scooters

I will add and delete addresses, from time to time, sorry but links get changed and I probably will not update more than a couple of times a year.