Diagonal dual disc pad wear

The post is from 2005, but not the first to address this unusual wear pattern.  I had photos but lost them, sorry.

Hello Duane,

I am a former Swissair mechanic and motorcycle enthusiast. About two years ago I did a great deal of work on a friend’s ex- Swiss highway patrol BMW 1000cc twin.  I only wish I had known about your site back then.

Presently I am working on another fellow’s 1979 R80/7 that had been stolen in France and recently recovered.  I am referring a great deal to your site for its’ excellent technical tips. However, I was not able to find any information on the twin front disc brakes.  Luckily I have enough experience in brakes of all sorts that this particular job does not present any great

This morning, when I removed the brakes I saw something so unusual that I decided to write to you.  I think it might be relevant enough to perhaps post on your site.  As you likely know the R80/7 brake calipers pivot on an axis that has two eccentric cams.  On both the left and right side, the calipers had
seized some time ago and the brake pads had actually worn diagonally.  In all my years as a professional mechanic, I have never seen brake pads worn in such a potentially dangerous angle.

With your permission, I would like to send you a few jpegs of these calipers and pads.  You really must see them.  There are about 6 j.pegs in all.

Thanks again for you your very professional and informative site.

With best regards,

Eric Mowrey
Bursins, Switzerland