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BMW motorcycle R80GS postcard

by Duane Ausherman


This postcard was used to promote the "new" R80GS in 1981.  It is especially funny that the horse is "winning" the race.  A very limited number were sent to dealers to help promote the contest for 5 persons to go to Europe for a ride in the Alps.  It is good quality paper and the printing is better than my photo shows.  I will send you a new card, in perfect condition, to any address in the USA.  Foreign is higher.  These make a great gift and are very inexpensive.  I have 15 left as of 2 Dec.  2004.  I think I also have the promotional poster and applications for the contest.  If interested, ask. 

Even BMW admits that a horse is faster :-)

80GS.jpg (91591 bytes)

R80GS.jpg (66673 bytes)

You may send cash, money order or a cashiers check, no personal checks accepted.  Be sure to send your name, address and email address in print, so I can read it. 

Here are the three choices

1.  I can hand address the card and mail it in the open.  $5

2.  I can insert it in my properly sized European envelope and send it.  $5

3.  I can make a custom cardboard envelope to help protect it.  $7 including the higher postage and handling. 

All three cases are your risk.  Insurance will cost more, maybe $1 or $2.  You decide.

Duane Ausherman
13827 Sargent Ave.
Galt, Ca.  95632

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