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Bates saddlebags for BMW motorcycles

by Duane Ausherman

This is a collection of photos and information from BMW riders and collectors.  I include photos of similar perspective in case one shows some aspect that another does not.  Please feel free to add information and photos.  Scans of original mounting instructions would be great.

Bates luggage for BMW motorcycles   Warning label for Bates luggage for BMW motorcycles   Mounts for Bates saddlebags for BMW motorcycles

I "think" that these are /5, but not sure, can't remember.  Thanks Neal for the photos.  Does anybody have photos of the bags and mounts for a /2?

These photos were provided by Kurt Schrader, thanks

Bates panniers for BMW motorcycles  Bates panniers for BMW motorcycles showing the crashbars.  Bates luggage for BMW motorcycles

Attached are a couple of pictures of some Bates bags the PO gave to me when I bought my R69S.  I don't know if they've ever been on the bike and when I held them up to the side of the bike to see where the brackets might tie in, I couldn't see anything right off.

More photos provided by Mr. Edwards

These protective bars for Bates luggage were fairly common.  The manufacture is unknown, maybe Bates.

Bates bags for BMW motorcycles.  BMW motorcycle luggage by Bates  Rear view of Bates luggage saddlebags for BMW Motorcycles  Crash bars forBates luggage saddlebags for BMW Motorcycles


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