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Our living room with a restored 1955 R25/3 BMW motorcycle

by Duane Ausherman



This R25/3 graced our living room for several years.  We hope it will soon be mounted on the wall above the sofa shown in the center, just behind the fan.  We restored this bike in 1974 at BMW of Marin, my old dealership.  We had three of this model to use for parts.  A second one was assembled out of parts and we called it "The Stingle" after the then current movie "The Sting."  It ran very well and was made with attractive, but some wrong parts.  The remainder was mostly a useless pile of junk. 

This photo has led to a new BMW club for people with a R25/3 in the living room.

I am sad to say that this lovely bike is now sitting out in the shop and collecting dust.  It is my fault, don't blame my wife, as I only need to make a mount and lift it up onto the wall directly above the sofa.

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