10 most popular pages

1,  w6rec.com is most used, so readers enter here.

2.  BMW motorcycle VIN info

3.  /2 series, this is just the folder heading.

4.  /5 series, this is just the folder heading, but I would have expected #3 and #4 to be switched.

5.  /5 battery this may be because it is a new article about an inexpensive alternative.

6.  What do the letters “BMW” stand for? Have some fun with this one.

7.  General BMW motorcycle information, this is just the folder heading.

8.  BMW motorcycle wheel bearings 1956 through 84.  I just split this article into two articles, one for the /2 and for the /5 and later.  This will change as a result.

9.  BMW motorcycle valve adjustment procedure this is mostly about the /5 and later models.

10.  Controls and cable adjustments and replacement This covers all models from 1956-84.

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