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What people are saying about this BMW motorcycle site

by Duane Ausherman

The following are only a few of the 300 + emails about this site.  Some have been taken out of context to shorten them up.  Some have been edited to retain some anonymity.  I do appreciate feedback, because the questions often stimulate me to answer with additions to my pages.  Thanks. 

Sincerely, Duane

While Duane was off line for a few years, on biz, he was gracious enough to let me have all his stock of bearing preload shims; knowing that wheels are my life.  That he's most generous to sell these very custom made items to the public is most generous and renews my faith that you'll read his page on bearing preloading.  BTW, if you've ever setup a BMW hub you MUST GO THERE. 


Hi Duane: We've never met, but I've been a fan of yours for some time now through the /5 web site.  I felt moved today just to write and tell you how much I appreciate you and Linda, who give so much of yourselves to others.  I know that to maintain and update a website such as yours requires a considerable amount of time and effort and I applaud that.  You seem to have led a fascinating life and to have myriad interests. 



Thanks a lot, your site is VERY informative and well maintained!


Hello Duane, just finished browsing through your web site on BMW info, and I wanted to compliment you on the wealth of information there.  I've been around BMW's for 22 of my 43 years.  And I currently own a '74 R90s, '93 R100RT and a '73 R75/5.  I've learned quite a bit by just browsing around.  Thanks for taking the time to make all this good information available. 


I've been watching the postings for several months and I believe this is my first post.  I guess you could say I've been sandbagging.  Recently I went to Duane's site and spent over an hour grazing over the information, I'm still not done.  This is the most informative site I've have been to.  I have owned the same Toaster since 78 and have been doing everything wrong "or at least the hard way".  If you own an Airhead it's a must see! My hat goes off to you Duane.  Thanks for taking the time to share the experience and knowledge that you have acquired in the industry. 


Fabulous source of information.  I sure wish I had had access to all this when I began my hobby of restoring these /2's a decade ago....would have saved sooooooo much time and money. 

...still very helpful. 

Many thanks


Hi Duane !! Just thought I would respond re: comments on Fork site....all..  I repeat..  all posts and sites created by you and other gurus on the 5united site are carefully picked apart for every little pearl of wisdom/advice/experience. It is then saved in about three different places and stored on c.d.  for fear of losing this information, which in my case, the restoration of my R75/5 would simply not be possible.. 30 year old machines require more in-depth care than the average mechanically challenged rider, ( like me ) can give by reading old ( and erroneous ) manuals.  the expertise handed out freely on this site is priceless in keeping them running right....and safe.  Therefore I submit the thought that you and the others not only extend the life of these great old bikes.....but the lives of their riders too. 


You have done a great public service for all airhead owners, including myself, and I want to thank you again.  I will never forget the things I learned here, though I may goof up, it is very comforting to have this site to fall back on.  You have my respect, and admiration, and I sincerely wish you well.  You've helped a lot of people, and that's never bad.  You've been a savior on Boxerworks.  You are appreciated.  James

Thank you Duane

I have got a wonderful helpful tip on your website.  I could not explain myself why the shift lever from the transmission hit the nut from the rear mounting rod.  Now I have installed the wedge pin with the thread to the top.  That's really a rather odd finding.  I don't know any expert in German who describe this problem.  So I got this tip from an pioneer of the BMW history in the US. 

Bernd, from Aachen, Germany

Thank you.  I found it on your site, which I have spent a lot of time looking at.  You are very close to becoming my hero.  To a guy with a /2 and a /5, you rank as a near deity.  In all seriousness, I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge and your willingness to share it.  I'm heading out for the garage now.  Bob

You've been an invaluable help to those of us still on the learning curve.   I've learned very much, and I hate to admit it, but you may have saved my neck.  I had some wheel problems, and thanks to you, they are no more.  You're the only source I could find pertaining to my specific problems, and I really do seriously appreciate all you've done.  I wish you well in all your endeavors.  You are great.  James


You are a pleasure to deal with, but more important, you have and are, creating perhaps the single most valuable resource website for owners of BMW motorcycles.   Your advice and insight to these machines is a blessing.  I just wanted to acknowledge your effort.  Thanks. 



Excuse me, but I've stumbled across your web page in my quest for BMW facts.   It's a pleasure to read well-written crusty comments by an obvious curmudgeon.   So, next time you're riding up 49 near Downieville, stop in. 


Thanks Duane

I think you have me "sold." The more I hear, the more I believe the Brown is "proper" for the bike - and proper works for me.  By the Way: Once again, I thank you for all you do for this list.  The time you dedicate to it and your site is amazing.  Know that there are a large number of us who appreciate your efforts and knowledge.  You're part of what makes owning one of these old machines so much fun. 


Thanks for replying so quickly Duane!

I really appreciate it, and your website is fantastic.   You may not realize how useful all your tips are to me! It really helps! Its' also good to know there are people who are willing to give advice for free without gouging you. 


You were 100% correct! No more popping out of first gear.   Duane, thanks again for the help and for the wonderful web sight.  Your knowledge is invaluable.  If you ever get to Minnesota look me up and I owe you a drink.  Actually I probably owe you an entire dinner. 


After much off-list consultation with Duane, I pulled the bearing stack.  As suspected, both races had spun slightly.  ---Details removed---I want to thank Duane for his insightful and personalized responses to my queries.  His pages are a great resource. 


Duane, With your experience, I am learning new things about these bikes.  Applying theories is one thing, reality is another.  Field experience is crucial to practical application of the theories.  Most of my real experience is with cars and not everything translates.  Thanks for being willing to help out in this forum, it's not many that would go so far to further the hobby as you have.  Brian

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