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BMW motorcycle finger groove NOS /2 clutch lever

by Duane Ausherman

This lever is for the BMW motorcycle models R26, R27, R50, R60, R69, R50/2, R60/2, R50S, R69S, R50/US, R60/US, R69US. 

2 remaining, but without the washer

I have had these clutch levers since 1968  when I imported parts directly from Magura.  Sorry, but I have no brake levers.  They are the type used from 1965 thru 69, with the finger grooves.  They will fit any BMW motorcycle from 1956 thru 69.  The washer is needed to keep the lever tight so that it won't vibrate.  They are available from Vech.  These levers are the later style with the Nylon insert to reduce friction and wear.  Magura levers are made of high quality alloy and can be straightened.  You can buy this lever for $30, which includes first class shipping and handling to any USA address.  Insurance and/or shipping to a foreign country is higher. 

lever.jpg (26675 bytes)

Send cashiers check, American cash, Paypal ( account w6rec) or money order (No personal checks) to

Duane Ausherman

13827 Sargent Ave. 

Galt, Ca.  95632  USA

You may also buy a reproduction of this lever from Vech at Bench Mark Works, but why pay more for a non original? Here is his listing.   I understand that the quality is not as good, but OK.

32 72 2 072 226--$32.00--brake lever ball-end-type R27-R69S

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