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BMW motorcycle pistons and cylinders

by Duane Ausherman

I have had these parts in my storage for the past 20, or more, years.  The cylinders were stored with the bores well greased up.  I am happy to show more photos or answer questions about these items. 

1.  These are top end parts for a R60/5.  The pistons are good and one has rings and the other has no rings.  The rings probably need to be replaced.   The piston pins have some surface rust on them, but may work just fine.  Two circlips are needed.   The heads are good and only need the center valve cover studs.  I sold the good cylinder and the remaining one has some pitting.  It should be bored out to first oversize.

R60-5topend.jpg (40197 bytes)

I want $25 for the remaining cylinder.  I want $200 for both heads or $120 for one.  I want $80 for both pistons or $45 each.  Shipping is extra.

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