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How to use this BMW motorcycle site

by Duane Ausherman


This site is not a complete "book" on the older BMWs and it never will be.  I only write for three reasons;

1.  When I find that a current article is incomplete/inaccurate. 

2.  As an answer to a request for info. 

3.  I remember an issue that I haven't seen addressed on the Internet. 

With the Internet to help, we now have the best quality information ever available for BMW.  Some of the info on the web is really bad and I couldn't stand to just let it rest.  This is my answer to poor info.  My writing style is cryptic, as I type poorly and don't really like doing it all that much. 

These pages have been written piece meal and some may overlap in subject.  The organization is less than ideal too.  The best way to find something on my website is to use the Google tool bar below.

I change, edit, delete and add to this list often.  I suggest that you check the date of an article just before attempting the procedure, as I may have added to it since you last read it. 

I know that some of these procedures can be done in a different way.  In the past 30 years many technical improvements have been made.  New materials and methods have been discovered.  Many of these procedures were developed to maximize profit in a shop setting.  We couldn't waste time (money) doing it the way you may choose in your garage.  After all, it is/was your money.  Some of the pages differ drastically from the BMW method.  My information will often contradict the Haines and Clymer manuals.  Don't worry, this is the real stuff. 

If you are of a mind to think that BMW never made mistakes, find another site.  BMW makes a fine product and I have spent hundreds of thousands of miles on them.  They are made by humans and we make mistakes.  BMW made many errors and these pages are an attempt to correct the ones I know about.  I may be wrong, but I call it as I see it, no BS here. 


This search engine is the best way to find things on my site. 

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