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by Duane Ausherman

1975 Cessna 150, 66659

A picture of a picture, the plane didn't have that mottled surface finish.

While living in San Luis Obispo in 1979, working for Craig Vetter, I got my pilot's license.  I bought a Cessna 150 and owned it for several years.  My flying instructor and I bought a Citabria to rent out.  Citabria is airbatic spelled backwards.  It is a tail wheel plane and was really fun to fly.  It was designed for fancy flying and not my interest.  It was popular and was rented out a lot.

Another friend ran a flying service and I bought him a plane to lease out.  Both served as a nice tax write-off.   All three planes served to keep me employed, by necessity.  Finally, reality set in and my leisure time was more important than these toys.  By 1988 I had sold them.

It was my pleasure to fly the 150 over half way across the USA on two occasions. My Fort Bidwell property had a long strip only 1/2 mile away.  If I ever fly again I think it will be with a homebuilt one.

I have few pictures of my flying time.  They will be added as I find them.

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