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by Duane Ausherman

BMW riders are fair and honest

If my pages on BMW have been of some value to you, please consider a donation.  Donations will assure that the BMW technical information will remain free and open to all.

It was never my intention to have a site even 1/4 this large.  It has grown according to the needs of the BMW community related to these old bikes.  I have over one full year in making up the information that you see.  I do not know what direction this site will take, but I hope to keep adding material as I have time and the inclination.  More than 3000 photos are now on the site and many more ready to add to additional material.

You decide what value this has been to you.  Did it save you time and/or money?  What is that worth to you?  The easy way to donate is to use the Paypal donation link.  Go to the "Send Money" page, sign up or log in.  My email address is needed and it is

You will have to type it in, as that is a photograph.  This avoids spam.

Please be sure to include your email address and name.  That way I can keep track of my donors and return the favor from time to time.

Many emails have ask, "What is the usual donation?"  The amounts have been from about $10 to $75, but the majority have been $20.  Often a payment for an eBay sale is "rounded up" to the next $10 increment as a way of payment.

Your donation could be in the form of supplying photos, tech info or custom CAD diagrams.  I "try" to give credit where it is due, but sometimes have lost the info.

You may also write a money order, personal or cashiers check and send it to;

Duane Ausherman
13827 Sargent Ave.
Galt, CA. 95632

A CD of my BMW web pages is available

For $15 I will burn the most up-to-date CD possible.  That is including worldwide postage.  It will not be fancy, just a copy of what you see on the Internet.  Send me your request via email and it will go out as soon as possible on the honor system.  When it arrives, you pay via Paypal or use the SASE to send cash, check or money order.  If I am not home, then you may hear nothing for some time, but eventually I will return and send it out.  You may get a email from my wife telling you of my expected return time.

Other directions I could take

  1. Many have suggested that I write a book.  First off, the book would be only about 1/4 the size of my web pages and have only some black and white photographs.  Why would one pay $40 for that?  It would be out of date the day it was published.  It could happen, but at this time is unlikely.
  2. Single subject books could be written and sold too.  This is more likely, but not in my current plans.
  3. Single subject DVDs could be made and sold.  This is more likely, but not in my plans now.
  4. Advertisements on pages to pay for the site.  I don't like this idea at all.
  5. A subscription site.  Not in my plans, but more likely than the others.

Direct email asking for technical information

Due to the large number (5-15) of emails that come in every day, I shall no longer try to answer each one.  I suggest that you ask on the appropriate forum.  See my links page for information.  For /2 info, go to the Yahoo group slash2.  For /5 info go to the Yahoo group 5 United.  For general information, go to Boxerworks.com.

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To keep this webpage free for all to use, please consider a donation, thanks

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