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BMW (Butler and Smith) leather bags

by Duane Ausherman

This is a collection of photos and information from BMW riders and collectors.  I include photos of similar perspective in case one shows some aspect that another does not.  Please feel free to add information and photos.  As I remember, these did not come with mounting instructions.  Most were made by Denfeld.

BMW bag photos supplied by Jim Nassetta

Typical Delfeld leather saddle bags offered by BMW for many years.

The back side of BMW leather bags.  The inside of the Denfeld leather bags.

These bags were supplied by Butler and Smith for both the /2 and /5 series.  Only the mounts were different.  The leather was very thick and stiff.  The mounts were well known to break, but that was mostly because they were overloaded.  They were not highly waterproof and users would wrap the contents in plastic bags.  They were probably the least expensive bags one could buy for a BMW.  The 1971 parts book shows two sizes of leather bags and no Krauser bags.

These bags came in slightly different shapes and got distorted by use.  I think that over time, different contractors made them for motorcycles and they were imported by Butler and Smith.

A well used left leather bag.  A rear view of the bag  This view shows the back side with the mount in place.  A good side view of a well worn BMW leather bag.

/2 photos provided by Bob Fee, thanks

Right rear view of the mounting system. Rear view of the mounting system.  Underneath view of the mounting system.  Front left view of the mounting system.  View of the back side of a bag.  View of the back side of a bag on the mounts.  View of the back side of a bag on the mounting system.  This view shows the detail of how the bag sits on the mount.

Leather bags on a very tasty /2 conversion

By Craig McClure

A slash 2 conversion with a R90S engine, leather bags, Heinrich large tank and snowflake wheels  The left mount in place.  The left mount shown directly and the bag sitting on the bike.  The left bag shown mounted up.

Hi Duane, as promised here are the pix. I got the bag mounts from Bobs BMW, he had 1 more mount-set than bag-set, or would not have sold it without the bags.  I conjured these bags up for much less $$$, they are leatherette, & have Austrian crest markings...I prefer to ride without bags myself, but they are so convenient & go on easily when you need to carry things.  In fact I have 3 identical German army rubberized/leather trim backpacks, to which I will add hardware, that will fit my pannier mounts & rear rack.  I will send photos when I get it completed.  I hope these photos help(& are good enough).  You are doing a heroic service for the community of vintage BMW fans.  I for one certainly appreciate it.  Thanks & very best wishes to you, Craig

Comments slightly edited by Duane for readability


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