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The R68/R69 BMW motorcycle magneto ignition retard lever

by Duane Ausherman


This lever has often been called an advance lever.  That led to a long discussion of what the lever is properly called.  The lever is only used for starting and is not really needed for that.  Since it spends nearly all of the time in the advanced position and when used, is retarding the timing, I call it a "retard lever."  

This photo is from an owners manual that, from the pictures of the front fender and spokes, would be either a 56 or early 57.  I think it clears up any issue of the purpose of the ignition retard lever.  Excuse my poor lighting on the page, but using a flash reflected badly. 

I should add that the R68/R69 Bosch magneto for the retard function has a slightly different system for ignition timing.  The points plate for setting the timing is the plate that this lever operates.  It may be impossible to get all of the marks lined up correctly.  Sometimes one must compromise on the timing. 

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