Flying small aircraft

Duane Ausherman flying a Cessna 150, and a Citabria



by Duane Ausherman


1975 Cessna 150, 66659


My first of three single engine airplanes.

While living in San Luis Obispo in 1979, working for Craig Vetter, I got my pilot’s license.  I bought a Cessna 150 and owned it for several years.  My flight instructor and I bought a Citabria to rent out.  Citabria is airbatic spelled backward.  It is a tailwheel plane and was really fun to fly.  It was designed for fancy flying but that wasn’t my interest.  It was popular and was rented out a lot.

Another friend ran a flying service and I bought him a plane to lease out.  Both served as a nice tax write-off.   Owning three planes served to keep me employed, by necessity.  Finally, reality set in that my leisure time was more important than these toys.  By 1988 I had sold them.

It was my pleasure to fly the 150 over halfway across the USA on two occasions.  My Fort Bidwell property had a long gravel strip only 1/2 mile from my house.  I would land, walk home and use the spare car that I always kept.

In the year 2016, I have been privileged to fly in two modern aircraft.  Both were computers with wings attached.  Both had parachutes built in.  One was USA made and the other was Czech made.  Both were very impressive craft.  

I was a mediocre pilot.