1921 Victoria

In the days of my BMW motorcycle dealership, Elsa and I traveled to Europe for a visit and to find antique BMW motorcycles to ship to CA.  There was some holiday in Germany, and everything was closed up.  We were in Northern Germany already, so we drove across the border to Denmark.  We ended up on some Island and learned of a motorcycle shop with old stuff.  I bought up a large bunch of fishtail mufflers, and in the attic was this Victoria.  I got it for very cheap and stuffed it in the back of our Mercedes to take back to Germany.

So much was missing that it was more of an art object than a motorcycle.  The M2B15 engine was fairly complete.  The rear brake was a piece of wood that could be forced into the pulley for the drive belt.

I have no idea where it is now.

Updated 13 Nov. 2019