1938 R71 BMW

This came to me as an R61 with a running engine.  I found it in Southern Germany, and it was nearly given to me.

I had an R71 engine in good condition, so in it went.  I took this bike on the California 1000, and it was the oldest bike to enter and the oldest to finish.  I only had one mechanical breakdown.  Somehow I kicked the battery wire off of the battery.  I fixed it in a few minutes.

Other riders were encouraging me during the event.  The fastest that I would ride, was about 60 mph.  We had removed one cylinder for examination, and it looked very good, but still, why push it.  Because of the slow traveling speed, I was riding most of the time.  I was able to get about 5 hours of sleep.  I carried my sleeping bag in the back.

We went from a hot desert to a high mountain in a snow storm.  Many newer, better bikes failed.  Some riders gave up too.  They gave me a plaque for something.  I think that I sold this bike to the owner of “The Frame Man” in Sacramento.

Updated 14 Nov. 2019