1949 R24

Before one of my trips to Europe and looking for old BMW motorcycles, I would put an ad in Das Motorrad magazine.  I would get answers by mail and visit the more interesting bikes.  This one was located way out in the rural country.  The only person who could speak English was a 10 year old girl.  I didn’t find out how that happened.  She translated for the owner of the farm.  The bike was leaning against a wall.  The owner had ridden it as his only transportation.  When he could afford better, it was just left.  I was only a bit interested until she told me that it is a gift to me, an American.  I graciously accepted it.

This bike ran fairly well, but we didn’t use it much for anything.

I also had a R20, or R23,  but don’t remember what happened to it.

Updated 14 Nov. 2019