/2 grease points

The grease points and tools for the /2

by Duane Ausherman

1. Large push type grease tool. Suitable for use in a BMW workshop or the serious home shop.

1.  Large push-type grease tool.  Suitable for use in a BMW workshop or a serious home shop.

2.  Small-push type grease tool.  It fits in the /5 tool tray.  Available at any chainsaw shop.

3.  Adapter for a normal gun.  Available at any auto parts store.

   /2 rear swing arm

This is the slash 2 BMW motorcycle swing arm grease location.

Here is where it is located

This photo shows the 1965 and later pivot bolt with the third hole between the two for adjustment. This small middle hole is for lubrication.

In 1965, BMW drilled a hole in the rear swingarm pivot bolt for adding lubrication.  1964 and older ones can be drilled.  Remove the polished aluminum cap, and you will see this on both sides of the /2 BMW motorcycle.  Give it grease until you can see it squish out around the seal.  I prefer to give it several pumps and have a lot of grease to come out.  Then I use a finger to wipe away the excess.  That leaves a thick layer of grease to protect it from water and dirt.  After each ride in the rain, give it a couple of pumps.  The disadvantage is that the grease will collect dirt and look nasty.

The front swing arm of the Earles forks on /2

One more way to get grease into the swing arm of the Earles forks is to remove the funny one and install an American type.  The threads are the same.  The zerk is off-center on the left side.  Replace the BMW zerk when finished.  Don’t ride it with the American type still in place, as a minor accident could shove its head through the engine cover.  I do not like this method because, eventually, the threads will wear out.

The resistance for the grease is greatest to get to the right side.  The grease tends to come from the left side and not even get to the right side.  Try wrapping a small diameter rope around the left side where the grease comes out.  It is between the swingarm and the Earles down tube.  That will increase the resistance enough to force the grease over to the right bearing.

 Grease the throttle gears

One must remove the screw and cap, then and add grease directly to the teeth.

It is tempting to try to grease the throttle gears by removing this screw and using the cone-shaped tip to pump grease into the throttle casting.  Don’t do it, as it won’t get the grease into the teeth.  It will only pump grease into the throttle tube area, gum up the works, and make a mess.  One must remove the cap and add grease directly to the teeth.  Read this procedure on the page about controls and cables.

Updated 16 July 2022