Antarctica certificates

Antarctica Certificates

by Duane Ausherman

This is some of the paperwork that is issued upon completion of the contract.  Being the supervisor was a very boring position.  I sent my people out all over Antarctica while I stayed in the office.

The Sea Ice Training Course was just about the only time that I was able to get away from the office.  It was all about how to survive if caught out in a storm.  We learned how to cut ice to make a snow cave for protection.  We each had to make one for ourselves.

All of the “students” were workers from various departments.  I was the only person of any rank.  This caused the students to be very cautious.  One man that was comfortable with me took me aside to tell me something.  He explained that it was “normal” for the students to take photos of each other sitting on the ice couch and in the igloo while naked.  They assumed that I would disapprove.  I fixed that by being the first to get naked for my photo.  Both the women and men relaxed, and many got naked for the photos.

This 3-inch roundel was sewn onto the sleeve of my jacket.

Here you see the roundel on the sleeve of my most worn jacket.

Updated 6 Feb. 2023