BMW motorcycle telescopic fork alignment procedure, Randy Glass page 4

4 – Tools and materials
Here is a list of most of the tools and materials most of you will need:

� The Fork Parallelness gauge
� A piece of 1/4″ plate glass approximately 10″ x 12″
� Various hand tools needed to remove the fork legs, top plate, front wheel, front brake and related parts- tools such as sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, a rubber mallet, etc.
� A +/- 6′ 2×4″ or equivalent
� Ratchet straps and/or some rope
� A large clamp or two
� A metal bar of some sort for holding the forks when tightening the upper spring retainer nuts
� Fork Oil
� New copper crush washers for the ends of the dampers
� New fork seals
� Cleaning solvent
� Lint-free rags
� An old bedspread or blanket
� A few containers of some sort to place removed parts

      There are other tools that might be necessary, but these are mentioned in the text.

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