BP and steps

These are records of my daily blood pressure and steps. I use the Omron system for checking blood pressure. You will see some notes in the comment section on the right side. On later pages, I finally started recording in a consistent fashion.

Usually, I go for two walks a day. The first number is the steps of my first walk, usually in the morning. I take my blood pressure several times when I return to the houseboat. It may vary quite a lot, and I record each one. I do this until I get each blood pressure number within a narrow range. Basically, it repeats again and again. I average those numbers and use that. The first number (systole) could range from 115 to 121, so I would use 118.

The second number is the total of steps for the day. I have a step counter on each shoe. The left one always has a higher number because I use that foot for crushing aluminum cans. The right step counter records only steps resulting from my walks. When I am in the houseboat, I don’t wear the shoes with step counters. I would have a considerably higher number if I counted steps while in the houseboat and doing chores.

The step counter shows the steps from this morning’s walk

That counter can be flaky unless I move it slightly for an accurate reading. I have a new one ordered and will get it today. I will spend time with both on that shoe, and then I mentally count the steps. That is a test for accuracy. I mentally count 100 steps and stop to check the counter.

I also used the Kardia system for a time until I discovered it was useless.

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