Day 11

Day 11

I slept very well and had pleasant dreams.

The temperature was 48 F when I went for my early walk.  It was uneventful, but I talked with my high school friend.

The wind has come up, and I am going shopping for food.

Costco had asparagus with good size heads.  I also bought a bag of Mandarins.

Shelby was working at Trader Joe’s, and I wanted only another quart of the vegan ice cream that I like so much.  She also sold me a quart of cherry ice cream.  Is she a good salesperson, or am I a sucker?  Don’t answer that😊

I had forgotten to cash a check at my bank, so I made another trip.  On the way home, I stopped at Grocery Outlet for more broccoli.  I realized that I am also out of Avocados.  Now I am stocked up fairly well.

At noon I ate the second half of my Beyond burger that I made yesterday.  I ate lots of food, so maybe I can gain some weight.

At 3:30, I changed my Penicillin container.  That is my penultimate container.  On Wednesday, I will remove my last container.  I expect Kaiser to schedule a visit to remove my Pic line.  I am not holding my breath because the Kaiser’s right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

My afternoon and evening looks uneventful, just more TV and eating vegan ice cream.

I decided to go for another walk.  I could make it in 38 minutes, but I talked with my old high school friend, which slowed me down a bit.

The coyote is visible again.  It is on the other side of the water.  I think of this water as an estuary because it is fresh water that soon meets the salt water.

I ate a decent dinner and will keep feeding my face ice cream and more while I watch TV.

The weather forecast was for a cold but clear night.  I opened the window and ran the fan to bring in the cold air.

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