Day 13

Day 13

It is midnight, and the air is clear, so I have opened the window and turned on the fan that will make the room colder.

I know that I went to sleep around 2 AM.  I had to leave my cocoon of warmth from time to time to check the air quality.  It only got better and better.

I woke up at 6:45 AM and was pleased with the pleasant dreams.

At 3:30 PM today, I disconnect the last container of Penicillin and will no longer use the black bag.

I found that I have a Kaiser meeting tomorrow afternoon.  I am fairly sure it is to remove the Pic line.

Today I may need to drive my car to the Ford Dealer in Stockton for the recall work.  Now scheduled for Friday.  They will check the latches to see if it needs the recall procedure.

I went for my morning walk in clean air and with no wind.

My weight is now up to 163.5 lbs. so my overeating is working.

Sylvia’s chair was open, and she cut my hair.

I was almost out of Pine Nut Humas, and Rod was at Costco, so he picked it up for me and saved me the trip.

It was a couple of hours before I could disconnect the Penicillin container, so I went for another 3 ½ mile walk.  I still had extra time, so I went around again.  I made each in 37 minutes.  Today I fast-walked over 10 miles.

I just disconnected the last container.  I won’t need to carry that black bag.  I coiled the extra line inside the cloth protective covering of the Pic line entry into my arm.

I went to Trader Joe’s for more vegan ice cream.  I had planned to go on Friday, but I was so pleased with my day that I moved it up.  I bought three quarts of vegan ice cream.  That should hold me over for a few days😊

I watched TV and ate some of the Cherry & chocolate chip ice cream.

Tonight will be my first night when I don’t have the black bag to drag around in the bed.

I won’t be making daily reports now, so I am considering one more report, “Last Report”  I may be too lazy to do it.

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