Day 2

Long ago, I learned that there are two things that are hard to say. One, I was wrong. Two, I need help. I have no issue with them, as my mistakes were great lessons for me. Asking for help is why we have a network. However, it should be two-way and also give help.

Last night I reported that my infusion system wasn’t working and that I wasn’t getting my Penicillin. I was wrong; when I woke up, it was obviously working well but differently than the first container.

I spoke with a Kaiser care provider and she offered resources that I don’t yet need.

My fluid weight has fallen off and is again 166 lbs.

It is almost noon, and I have little hunger now.

I went for a short walk while my laundry drier was working. It was only about six blocks, and I took the cane for assurance. It felt good. Maybe I will walk farther tomorrow.

I ate little at lunchtime. I didn’t feel great, so I rested for an hour.

I worked with Sherri at Kaiser, who talked me through the process of changing the medication container. I am slowly learning how to do it.

The center of most news is election-related. When you hear a candidate or already elected official talking about our “democracy,” you know that person knows nothing about the USA. America is a Republic, not a democracy. Some aspects are democratic, but many are not.

One that should be democratic and isn’t is the voting for president. In most states, if a candidate gets 50% plus one vote, that person gets all of the electoral college electors. That isn’t fair. A few states do it in a proportional manner, which is fair.

The electoral college system is totally outmoded these days and should be abandoned. In the early days, they used horses and buggy to get to Washington DC to carry the electors. Then they had to return the same way to take the news home for the population to learn the name of the new president. Today we have free instant communication.

When I got so sick last Sunday morning, I was making my vegan split pea soup. When it was done, Rod put it into containers for freezing. For the first time, I got to sample the soup. It was too thick, so I added a bit of water, which was very good. I also had a few teaspoons of black beans and mashed potatoes. Of course, I ate my two Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Later, while watching TV, I was still hungry. I opened a package of Skinny Pop and devoured it. Then I opened a second one and ate it too. Now I am full.

We aren’t celebrating Halloween, so I will get my room light turned off, so they won’t think anyone is home.

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