Day 3

Day 3

I slept poorly due to taking too many naps yesterday.  I really need to start living a normal schedule, so this doesn’t happen.

Around 1 AM, I got up to implement some minor changes to “Bloody Urine.”

I sent an email to Zak Vetter to ask about a few things.  I hope to visit the Vetter family for Thanksgiving.

With the time change overnight, I was concerned that I could miss my favorite TV show, “Sunday Morning.”  Of course, I didn’t miss it.

I am feeling fairly healthy and wish to move more.

Rod asked me to turn my laptop off because he was going to install a proper dimmer switch for the LED lights over the dining area.  The old dimmer wasn’t for LED and was also broken.

I went for a walk.  I used my cane which I didn’t need, but better to be safe.  I walked slowly, and it took over an hour.  The air was badly polluted, so I wore my N-95 face mask.  Almost the whole time, I talked with my old friend from High School.  We hadn’t chatted since well before I got sick.

When I returned, the dimmer had been installed, and it works. 

Unrelated, the light in the garage that is always on quite working.  The bulb was OK, so it was something else.  Rod can’t move his head upwards in order to check it out.  I offered to help.  I had to stand on a step stool to reach it.  The bulb was mounted in the cheapest type of holder possible.  I am still quite unsteady, so it was challenging for me to do this.  The voltmeter showed good voltage.  I instantly saw the problem.  The copper wire was attached under a screw of another metal.  I loosened each screw and retightened it.  That fixed it.  Over the 32 years of the house, the dissimilar metal had a chemical reaction that caused the connection to be insulated.

That wore me out due to my unsteadiness, so I took a nap.

For my breakfast, I ate a normal meal for the first time since I got sick.  I had asparagus tips, broccoli, cauliflower, mashed potatoes, and two Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  Life is good.

My temperature is 97.1 F and which is normal.

My hair hadn’t been washed since I got sick a week ago.  I figured out how to wash it.  I had to get down on my knees and hang over the shower tub.  My black bag hung on the outside of the tub.  Rod took the photo, but the bathroom is too small for him to get back far enough for a proper photo.

Once again, I got great instructions for changing the bag of Penicillin.  I am good for another 24 hours.

The lemon size container and my hand to show the size.

Every two weeks, I must fill my pill container with pills.  I did it today.

I watched “60 Minutes,” and it was well done. 

For dinner, I had my usual cauliflower, broccoli, black beans, and mashed potatoes, and it was good.  My vegan split pea soup is very good.  I must thaw more out for the coming week.

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