Day 4

Today has been unusual.  I slept poorly again, and I don’t know why.

The morning was taken up with Kaiser people.  Some were a complete waste of my time, and some were great.

At noon, I had no appetite at all, and the thought of food made me sick.  I took a nap and felt better when I woke up.  I did some snacking.

When it was time to change my Penicillin container, I told my Kaiser helper I wanted to do it myself and told her each step I took.  She should only step in if I am about to screw up.  She accused me of reading her mind because that is what she wanted to do.  I made no mistakes.

This black bag I call my “man purse” is generic and hard to use because it is full of stuff I don’t use.  I cut out the useless parts.  It is now just an empty bag.  The bag has a plastic window, and the Penicillin container shows plainly.  I love it.

For the first time since I returned home, I was hungry for a Beyond Patty.  I fried one and ate ½ of it.  The other half is for tomorrow.

Today I had a long conversation with Jaime Zamora, our friend from McMinnville, Or.  He is now retired and happy.  His wife, Naty, is still working with her restaurant in the hospital that Aurora, her daughter, runs.

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