Day 8

I slept very well last night.  The air was clear, so I could open my window and run the fan.  That makes the room cooler, and I sleep better.

I went for my usual long walk early and collected 9 CRV.  My neighbor, Wolfie, saw what I was collecting and told me I could have the cans in the bed of his dead pick-up.   I collected 64 cans to give to my favorite neighbor Rianne.

I washed my hair this morning.  That is a rather cumbersome process.

At noon I have a video conference with my Kaiser primary doctor. It went well, and I got some questions answered.

My blood pressure is 132/89, and my temperature is normal for me at 97.1 F.

I got a call from a Kaiser number asking me to come in for a blood sample.  That sample was supposed to be taken yesterday when my dressing was changed.  One more Kaiser mistake.  They are adding up quickly😉

I tried the phone call appointment system.  It didn’t list the Delta Fair facility.  I drove in, they weren’t busy, and I was out in 20 minutes.  I learned that I must flush the line with saline every day even though I have run out of Penicillin containers.

I changed the Penicillin container.  I forgot to warm it up to room temperature first.  Since it takes 24 hours to go in, I don’t think it is very important.

Dinner was very good, and I ate a lot.

I got the blood results, and it is a good report.

For the evening, I watched American Ninja Warrior.

Soon time for bed.

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