Day 9

I didn’t sleep very well, unlike the past two days.  I kept it warm and curled up in the pre-natal position.

This morning I went for my usual walk.  I didn’t take the cane, and I was OK by watching where I took each step.

The walk went well, and I didn’t trip. 

My temperature is low, 96.5 F.

Today is laundry day.

I weigh 161.5 lbs.  I will keep eating a lot.

My BP is 124/75

Mama kitty is now an inside cat.  She pooed behind my dining chair.  That is not a good sign.

I ate a large lunch.  I eat until I am stuffed.  I hate eating so much, but I must put on some weight.

For my first time out since my return from the hospital, other than my walks, I went to Trader Joe’s for a couple of items.  I needed Cauliflower and “wanted” more Peruvian Inca corn. 

My dear friend, Shelby, sold me Vegan Ice cream.  I can’t wait to try it.  She also suggested Cauliflower crisps as a snack.  I have enough food to last me a month.

To finish the laundry, I must make my bed.  I feel like taking a nap first😊  Oops, guilt took over, so I finished making the bed.  Now I “deserve” a nap.

The evening went well with some PBS TV shows. I also tried vegan ice cream, and it is wonderful.

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