Exceptional Electrician

Chris Hamilton offered to examine the electrical system that services the houseboat that is my home. Chris examined the electrical panel that controls my landlord’s home, shop, and, eventually, my houseboat.

He informed us that the panel is old but isn’t worth the expense of being replaced. Two of the breakers had failed and caused all kinds of grief. They were replaced, and that solved the major issue. He recommended replacing the new ones with a superior brand.

Chris found a mistake in how the three subpanels were grounded, as it is a serious safety issue.

Chris found two slightly loose wires in the breakers. He removed them, cleaned the insulation, and reinstalled them tightly.

Chris was the second electrician to examine the faulty electrical.

This text is from Dan Rowe, the landlord.

I am 83 years into life and recently had the most wonderful and rewarding experience with another human. 

I had an interruption of power to my dock and houseboat, so I called for an electrician. An Oakley electrician, Chris Hamilton, came and examined the circuit causing the problem. He spent over an hour examining the circuit and correcting minor problems and suggested that I replace all the panel breakers on the main panel. (Which has resolved this issue.)

Now for the amazing and wonderful part. He only charged $60 for the serviceā€¦.and only after I insisted on paying for his time!

The kicker is that new breakers cost $120..a prior estimate was $5000, but lowered to $4500 to replace the entire panel/breakers!!!!