Fort Bidwell show room

When I sold my BMW motorcycle franchise in San Rafael, Ca, in 1975, I purchased a five-acre property with a large old workshop and house in Fort Bidwell, CA. It was located in the northeast corner of Modoc county, in the northeast corner of California, and bordered Nevada.

This is the appearance of the shop when I first purchased the property.

The part that shows to the far left with a white door and a window is what I added. On the lower right, near the bottom, you see the name, Linda. She was my wife, and Linda is quite artistic. She made this out of fabric stretched over a wood frame.

This showroom is the part that I added to the original workshop that is to the right.

In the background are my office on the right and an oak display case on the left. The motorcycle on the right is my Volkswagen engine BMW. Above it is a wide shelf with three vintage BMW motorcycles, and the bike to the left is my rare R17. The transmission was missing; at the time, I didn’t realize it was identical to a couple of other models.