Free Pot

A year ago while on my daily walk, I found a plastic container that had several nuggets of pot.  I dumped them on the ground.  For the next two days, they were still there.  On the third day, they were gone, someone had picked them up.

A month ago, while on my walk, I saw a gallon plastic ice cream container and thought it might be useful.  When I picked it up, I saw some pot leaves on the bottom.  I dumped them and kept the bucket.  I mentioned this in a post on the Gary North forum, a subscription site that is well worth the small cost.  That started a ruckus from a few people who don’t get the humor.  Long story.

Today, while on my walk, I saw a glass jar well off on the side of the road.  I should mention that while walking, I pick up recyclable aluminum and plastic water bottles.  I am always keeping a sharp eye for good stuff like those.

This jar looks like a pint jar and it is nearly full of pot.  It also has a package of Zig-zag papers for those who roll their own.  This “find” is quite a bit larger than the previous ones.  Three in one year.

I called my BFF, former manager of my BMW motorcycle shop and neighbor.  After my first two finds, he suggested that I take up smoking.  He knew that it wasn’t going to happen, but it was a joke.

Today, when I called him to announce my latest and largest find, I told him that maybe the universe is trying to tell me to start smoking it.  “No, instead you should set up a stand to sell pot, since it is now legal.”

Here is my new business plan.  I can charge more for a doobie than loose pot.  I can buy one of those self-rollers.   I will need to practice to make them perfect.  I will find some dried out lawn grass for practice.  Then it occurred to me that I could “cut” the good pot with a bit of the dried out grass to make it go farther.  Of course, truth in advertising is very important.  I would have to offer that I am selling grass, not pot.

What do you think of my new business plan?