Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum

Larry took us from the empty hotel to the Hermitage Museum on a fancy tour bus. The front parking area was filled with tour buses. The lines to get in were long. We avoided all of that.
Our fancy bus took us to a side door. Larry didn’t even knock, and it just opened in expectation of our visit. We had no tickets or reservations. We had an English translator, and she took us to places that the other guests would never see.

We were in one room that featured a collection of Rembrandts that was the largest in the world, or so we were told.

We were ushered into the Gold Room.  This display was not open to the public at that time.  We saw more gold in one place than we had seen in our whole lives.  The room had famous art objects made out of gold from all over the world.  One could spend days in just this one amazing room.  If all of the gold were melted into one block, it would weigh tons.

The number of rooms was staggering.  I doubt that we saw even one percent of them.

The place exhibited many types of famous art from the world over.  It is a shame that I have little ability to appreciate art.

Updated 30 March 2023