How many ways are there to spell Duane?

How many ways are there to spell my first name?

Or “I got to get a life.”

by Duane Ausherman

Over the years, I have had my name misspelled so often that I am immune to any perceived insult.   Once, many years ago, I counted 10 ways that I could remember having seen it.   With the help of google, I went in search of a larger variety.   For a long time, I had found “only” 34, but now I am up to 106.  Can you find any more?  The only rule I use is to start with the letter D and have it sound something like Duane.   After the name is the number of “hits” by Google.   The name must be a person and not a title or office.   They may come from other languages and may be pronounced a bit differently, but how would I know?  My spelling, Duane, accounts for about 60% of all of the ways.   No wonder my name is so hard for people to spell.  I found 126 ways.

11 Names starting with “Da”

Dawain, 896
Dawaine, 156
Dawainn, 1
Dawane, 44 k
Dawanee, 8
Dawanne, 127″
Dawayne, 45 k
Dawaynn, 1
Dawaynne, 3
Dawyane, 169
Dawyain, 1

21 Names starting with “De”

Deuain, 7
Deuaine, 2
Deuane, 1.4 k
Deuanee, 1
Deuanne, 4
Deuwayne, 43
Deuwain, 5
Dewain, 6.7 k
Dewaine, 4.6 k
Dewainn, 2
Dewainne, 3
Dewane, 7 k
Dewayn, 520
Dewayne, (includes DeWayne), 186 k
Dewaynee, few
Dewaynn, 36 (includes De Waynn)
Dewaynne, 74
Dewan, many
Dewean, 200
Dewein, 12 k
Dewuane, 78

22 Names starting with “Do”

Thanks to Duane Mondue for this grouping

Doain, This one is funny.   Most, but not all, found by Google are a misspelling of domain, as in domain name registration, but they are not included here.
Doaine, 221
Doainn, 21
Doainne, 1
Doane, few
Doanee, 44
Doanne, 506
Doannee, 9
Do Wain, few
do Waine, few
DoWane, 3400
Dowain, 1,020
Dowaine, 337
Dowanee, few
Dowanne, few
Dowayne, 835
Dowayn, few
Douain, few
Douaine, 413
Douane, many, but uncertain, as it also means “customs” in French.
Douanne, 266
Douwayne, few

20 Names starting with “Du”

Duain, 3 k
Duaine, 6.8 k
Duainee, few
Duainn, 2
Duainne, 4
Duane, 1.6 million, my spelling
Duanee, 215
Duanne few
Duannee, few
Du Wain, 12
Du Waine, 2
Du Wane, 2
Duwain, 644
Duwaine, 616
Duwane, 1.6 k
Duwanee, 99
Duwanne, 14
Du Wayne, 804
Duwayne, 24 k
Duwaynne, 40

13 Names starting with “Dw”

Dwain, 154 k
Dwaine, 39 k
Dwainee, few
Dwainn, 27
Dwainne, 3
Dwane, 36 k
Dwanee, 23
Dwanne, 236
Dwayn, 1550
Dwayne, 726 k
Dwaynn, 51
Dwaynne, 240
Dwyane, few

7 Names starting with DY

Dyewane, 2
Dyewann, 1
Dywain, 59
Dywaine, 27
Dywane, 548
Dywann, 12
Dywayne, 527

12 Names with an apostrophe

Da’wayne, few
Da’ wane, 1 slang
D’uan, saw an actor on TV of that name
Du’aine, 1 k
D’wayne, 54 k
D’waynne, 5
D’wain, 700
D’waine, 127
D’wayn, 100
D’wane, few
D’wanee, 24
d’wanne, few

If you think that this is some kind of record, think again.  I once found a website that had all 175 spellings of Rebecka.

What does Duane mean?

In Irish, Duane means “supremely black, or dark person,” and it comes from both the Gaelic and Celtic languages.  I didn’t know that until the advent of the Internet.  I really have fun telling people that I am black.

My middle name is Leroy, and it means King in French.

See the Coat of arms for Duane and a few more odd spellings.     Seems that I descended from an Ox.

Learn about Duane’s syndrome.    So, I am also a disease.

It is obvious that my last name is German.

I am a Black German King diseased ox.

Updated 30 March 2023