Kermadec Island

Ham radio and shipwrecked on Kermadec Island

by Duane Ausherman

While on a Ham Radio DX-pedition, we became shipwrecked.  We were already on the island when a hurricane came in and sank our sailboat.  We lost our way home.  It didn’t matter all that much to me since I was traveling around for fun.  Now for the backstory.

I just happened to be visiting New Zealand and staying with a Ham radio friend who just turned out to be one of the principles of this upcoming trip.  Just before departure, one of the four operators opted out.  I was down on the South Island when I got word that I was invited to replace him.  Just one more time in my life where “luck” was the key to some adventure.

Kermadec Island was one of the 10 “rarest countries” in the Ham Radio world at the time.

Not a single newspaper report was totally accurate.

While in New Zealand, I was invited to make several presentations.  I have only found this news clip.

Updated 30 March 2023