Last Report

Today, Thursday, was very good.  I slept very well and didn’t have to hassle with the black infusion bag.

I went to my Kaiser appointment to get the Pic line removed.  I was a bit early, and they took me quickly.

The pic line got pulled out in one second with no feeling of any kind.  Now I have a special pressure bandage that I must protect for 24 hours.  I removed it last evening.

This means that tomorrow I will take my first shower in weeks.

I was informed about the possible recall for my car, but it wasn’t important while I was dealing with my illness.  We all agreed that we could delay the car issue.

Today I drove to Stockton to see if my car gets some recall work done.

First, they need to see if my car is one of the ones on Recall. It is, but they found a fastener issue and need to order the parts first.  They are on back order, so “maybe” in two weeks, we can proceed.

Of course, they are on back order.  Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Ford Fusions, have this recall issue.

I drove Jose’s car back to Ford and picked up my car.

If someone had told me that weeks after my hospital stay, I would still be affected by related issues, I would have told them that they were crazy.  I would have been wrong.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, my car is scheduled to have the recall work done.  I had to have the car there by 8 AM because it takes all day long to perform the work.

That means that I had to leave a little before 7 AM.  I asked Rod to wake me at 6 AM in order to give me time to get ready.  The traffic was light, and I got the car there on time.

I drove Jose’s car back home.  At 11 AM, Jackie Villasenor arrived, and we went for my usual walk.  She is studying at a University in San Diego, CA.  I learned a lot about her life at school.  We ate a short lunch, and she had to leave.  I look forward to meeting her again during her Christmas break.

I got the news that my car would be done by the time I got there.  The traffic was so horrific that it took me an extra 25 minutes to get there.

The car was delivered to me, and Jose took the time to install a good door gasket.  I drove home, and the traffic was light in my direction, but the other direction was totally solid and moving slowly.

I am free of my medical, car, and other issues.  I am free to sleep as long as I wish and choose new challenges or nothing.

I didn’t wake up until 7:20 AM this Thanksgiving day.  I see that I have several Jacquie Lawson cards to open.  I will spread out the opening so that I have time to think about how we met, how the relationship has worked, and what we plan, if anything, for the future. 

I am so lucky to have such a robust network.

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