Oregon Road Racing, 1973

BMW of Marin road race results

by Duane Ausherman

As the sole owner of BMW or Marin, I was proud to field a production motorcycle in the Oregon road races.  We chose Oregon because the competition was far less.  California had some of the top road racers in the world.  They would compete in the local club races to test equipment and stay in practice.

The race bike was built using old junk parts from various wrecks to save money.  While the bike had a lot of production legal upgrades, it was labor-intensive to build.

On the first page, in the left column near the bottom, is the season first place in the Grand Prix open class for Chris Blum.  Chris was my parts person at BMW of Marin in San Rafael, CA.

On the second page, the right column is the dual win, including Gerald Pels on a BMW in the open production class.  Both riders came in with the same total points after the year of racing.

Both riders missed one race, so these results are even more impressive.  They raced the same machine in both classes.  Racing a production machine and winning in the GP class is quite impressive.

Updated 17 July 2022