I loved popcorn after my first bite.  I don’t know how young that was.  I would beg mom to make popcorn. 

She decided it was time for me to quit asking and make it myself.  I was five years old.  I was so short that I had to stand on a footstool to reach the stove.

Our popcorn maker had a lid with a hand crank that I rotated to keep the kernels moving so they wouldn’t get burned.

I would make a batch of popcorn, and as soon as the smell got around, the family wanted me to share it.

I quickly learned to ask who wanted popcorn to make an extra batch for the family.

We had a pet cat that loved popcorn.  I would toss the cat one piece, and she would catch it in her mouth every time.

We were pretty poor, so father bought popcorn seeds, and we grew our own popcorn.  We had a large garden, so this was easy.

He made a simple hand-crank machine to shuck the kernels off the corn cobs.  This way, we had inexpensive popcorn.

I would estimate that I have eaten popcorn most days, except when I am out of the USA.

Until recently, I would buy “Skinny POP” by the case and eat one package each evening.  It has minimal salt added, which is less damaging for my heart disease.

A few years ago, I quit eating popcorn because the hard skin got stuck between a tooth and my gum and cause a minor infection.

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Updated 30 March 2023