Samsonite saddlebags

Samsonite bags/luggage for BMW motorcycles

by Duane Ausherman

This is a collection of photos and information from BMW riders and collectors.  I include photos of a similar perspective in case one shows some aspect that another does not.  Please feel free to add information and photos.  Scans of original mounting instructions would be great.

Hey Duane,

We’ve communicated before.  I used to work as an Industrial Designer for Craig Vetter under Charlie Periethian at the Vetter Fairing Co., renamed Corporation when we moved out of Rantoul.

When we started to develop the Vetter line of bags and tail trunks, we bought everything on the market to compare features.  Krauser was the leader.  Samsonite was interesting but just not “up to the task” in construction details; being a converted suitcase, they weren’t too well built for the stresses involved.

But that was in early ’79, not ’72.  I don’t recall much on the saddlebag market in ’72-Other than Bates and Wixom.

Lew Morris
Pismo Beach, CA

Here’s another pic for your bags section. This one is a complete Samsonite setup, racks and all.  I saved it from eBay a while back.

Brent C. Scharpansky

I bought the Samsonite tail box used in the late ’70s.  I had the triangle welded into my original rack.  Leon

This photo is a view of the backside showing the part that fits into the triangle mount.

Updated 30 March 2023