Service bulletins Tools

These are actual Service Bulletins.  Do you think that dealers were excited to receive these bulletins?  If you wish to find high-quality tools, look for those by Ray Bunch or Ed Korn.

Dial indicator, tool, Dial indicator April 1964

BMW Special tools R50/5-K100RT, 2129 Oct. 1984

R1100RS special tool kit, 2587 April 1993, historical interest only

Revised tool boards, 2621 Feb. 1994

Special tools for the R80 & R08RT, 2164 Aug. 1985

BMW brake bleeder valves, 2509 Jan. 1992

Another brake bleeder system update, 2558 Nov. 1992

Showa fork reassembly tool, 2519 April 1992

Steering head bearing adjustment tool, 2606 May 1994

This is a list of special tools, by number and the application.

  1.  Many are needed and of decent quality.
  2.  Some are not needed.
  3.  Some are of poor quality.

311 Flywheel puller

319 1-4 Drift bushings for gearbox

338 2 Exhaust nut wrench

355a Camshaft puller

357a Clutch removal screws.  Can be done without these tools.

422a Gearbox output flange puller

494 1 Holding fixture, driveshaft, transmission and final drive

494 Trans flange castle nut removal bit

500 Trans flange castle nut holding fixture

501 Transmission driving flange puller

504 Transmission selector fork setting tool

505 Installing sleeve for protecting the oil seal of the final drive

506a Double grooved wrench for final drive ring

507 Holding fixture for final drive coupler gear

508 U joint wrench

509 Installation punch for oil seal ring on the final drive

511 Punch for installation of oil seal ring on the final drive

513 Pin spanner for swing arm adjustment bearing

517 Pin spanner for the wheel hub dust cover

519 Punch for installation of the front wheel swingarm

529+529 1 Centering arbor for the clutch disc

530a  Punch for adjustment of push rod tubes

535 Tool for pressing the gear onto the crankshaft

536 Puller for several gears

540 Holding tool for 7 & 8 mm diameter valve stems

545 Wood clamp for front fork assembly and disassembly

546 Shock damper piston ring installation sleeve

547 Punch for installing seal rings into fork legs

Here is the official BMW set of descriptions for the tools above.  I mostly included this list for Google searches.

  • 311, Engine – Removal of the flywheel
  • 319/1-4, Gearbox – Removal/installation of primary shaft securing ring
  • 338/2, Exhaust – Loosening/tightening exhaust nut
  • 355a, Engine – Removal of the camshaft
  • 357a, Clutch – Installation of clutch
  • 422a, Gearbox – Removal of gearbox output flange
  • 494, Gearbox – Loosening/tightening transmission flange castle nut
  • 494/1, Gearbox – Holding for the drive shaft castle nut
  • 500, Gearbox – Loosening/tightening transmission flange castle nut
  • 501, Gearbox – Removal of transmission driving flange
  • 504, Gearbox – Centering of output shaft when setting selector fork
  • 505, Driveshaft – Protect oil sleeve ring during installation of final drive housing cover
  • 506a, Driveshaft – Wrench for threaded cover and ring in the final drive
  • 507, Rear Drive Wheel – Fixture for tightening of couple gear
  • 508, Rear Drive Wheel – Wrench for loosening/tightening of the universal joint hub
  • 509, Rear Drive Wheel – Punch for installation of oil seal ring
  • 511, Rear Drive Wheel – Punch for installation of oil seal ring
  • 513, Driveshaft – Spanner for adjustment of rear swing arm bearing
  • 517, Wheels – Spanner for loosening/tightening of hub dust cover
  • 519, Front Fork – Punch for installation of front wheel swinging arm
  • 529+529/1, Clutch – For centering the driven disc for clutch installation
  • 530a, Engine – Punch for adjustment of rocker arm push rod tubes
  • 535, Engine – For pressing the timing gear/sprocket onto the crankshaft
  • 536, Engine – Puller for removal of gears
  • 540, Engine – Holding tool for grinding valves with 7 and 8 mm stem diameter
  • 545, Front Fork – For clamping the front fork during disassembly/reassembly
  • 546, Front Fork – Sleeve for protection of damper piston rings
  • 547, Front Fork – Punch for tapping in seal rings on fork legs