Let me tell you about my Tumbler!

I bought it to clean rusty parts. I have lots of rusty parts.

My Tumbler
These two bags contain thousands of nuts, screws, washers, and machine bolts. I would estimate that five percent are rusty.
The Tumbler makes a small amount of noise when in operation. I decided to move it out to this small building. It contains one of my three refrigerators.
This is the intended location for the Tumbler. I can set it at any of three speeds for how fast it tumbles and the length of operation in days. I had it set at the slowest speed for six days. After only two days, it quit working. I was fairly sure that the power supply was the issue. I purchased another one and hooked up the new power supply, which works as it should.

If I had known what a hassle this would be, I would have thrown out the rusty parts. The rusty parts are half-cleaned. I am so far into this project that I feel committed to finishing it.


The new Tumbler works great. It runs like a scared rabbit. I had nothing for comparison until now. The old one never worked properly. The end of the return was July 31, so I missed it by ten days. Now I have lots of spare parts. The main base that drives the drum of rocks etc. is no good. I can’t imagine needing the other parts. I would have to run over them with my car to damage them.

I went out to the small building to get a peach for dinner. I discovered that the tumbler barrel had leaked fluid all over the floor. I mostly cleaned up the mess and looked to see if I could figure out why it leaked.

I have a theory and am testing it. The rusty parts are totally clean, but I put them back into the Tumbler for testing. I could see that the original design failed to put pressure against the removable pieces for adding or removing the tumbled media. I added four washers to put pressure on the pieces. I will run this test for a few days.

In any case, I will return the product.