BMW, funny meanings

What do the letters BMW stand for?

by Duane Ausherman

Actually, they stand for Bayerische Motoren Werke (in German), Or Bavarian Motor Works in English.  The list includes fun, insulting, descriptive and crazy terms.

I asked for the variety of meanings that people had heard assigned to BMW.   Here is what I got from a number of contributors too large to give credit.

Many were a bit “on the edge” and are not listed.  This is just part of a very long list I have collected.

Babe Magnet Wunderbike

Bad Man’s Wheels

Bad Man Wagon

Basic Marin Wheels

Badly Made Wobbler

Bad Man Wacker

Bad Marriage Wagon

Bald Middle-aged White guy

Bank Manager Willing

Bankcard/Mastercard Welcome

Barbarian Motor Works

Barely Moving Wreck

Bavarian Manure Wagon

Bavarian Marriage Wrecker

Bavarian Money Wagens

Bavarian Motorcycles (for) Wimps

Bavarian Motorcycling Wonder

Bavarian Milk Wagon

Bavarian Murder Weapon

Be My Weapon

Be My Wife

Be My Wings

Beats Me Why

Beats Mere Walking

Beats Most Winnebagos

Beats Most Women

Beast Made Whole

Beautiful Mechanical Wonders

Been Mighty Wobbly (circa /5)

Been Mighty Worryfree

Been Months Waiting

Beer, Motorcycles, Women

Bent Meeting Wall (in the case of my R90/6)

Best Machine (on) Wheels

Best Man Wins

Best Motor Works

Best Motorcycles (in the) World

Best Motorcycle Worldwide

Best Motorsport Weapon

Beyond My Wages

Big Manly Willy

Big Mean Woman

Big Mean Whore

Big Metal Wastage

Big Middleclass Wagon

Big Money Wasted

Big Money Waster

Big Money Withdrawal

Big Money Worries

Big Monthly Wage

Big Mutha Wheelie

Bikes Made Weird

Bikes Made Well

Bike Might Wheelie

Bike Moves Well

Bite My Wallet

Bikers More Wise

Bings May Work

Bitch Moan & Whine

Bite My Weiner

Black mit White

Blew My Wad

Bloody Magic Wheels

Blow Money Willingly

Blue mit White

Bob Marley and the Wailers

Bodacious Moto-Woman

Boobs Made Welcome

Boring Motorcycle Works

Borrow Money Weekly

Bowel Moving Wonder

Break My Wallet

Break My Window (for cars)

Break My Windshield

Breaks Most Wrenches

Bring Many Wrenches

Bring Me Women

Bring Me (a) Wrecker

Bring Mechanic With (you)

Bring Money in Wallet

Bring Money With

Bring More Wampum

Bring More Warsteiner

Bring More Weinerschnitzel

Bring More Wine

Bring My Wallet

Brings Me Women

British Mini Works

Broke Man Walking

Broke My Wheels

Broken Money Waster

Broken Motor Works

Buff My Woddie

Built My Way

Bunch (of) Maintenance Work

Bunch (of) Money Wasted

Burning Melting Wreck

Burns Men’s Wallets

Bust My Wallet

But (it) Might Work

But (the) Motor’s Weird

Buxom Machine Waiting…(Jugs)

Bring Mein Werkzeug,…….means Bring my tools

Basteln Mit Wonne

Bei Mercedes Weggeschmissen

Bin Masslos Wichtig