Where I lived

Our address was 1319 North Grove.  Just North of us was a grocery store named Henderson & Yokum.

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Next door south was a large house, and I can’t remember if anyone lived in it or not.  Next was the Ike Bates family.  The Bates family didn’t own a refrigerator, only an old icebox.  An old black man delivered ice.  He had a large trailer pulled by a team of two horses.  He would stop in, grab his ice tongs, carry the ice over his shoulder on a thick piece of leather, and put it into the icebox.

We all loved him because he was always happy to give us kids a chip of ice.

Ike owned a tire shop, and some years later, my grandfather’s business bought many good used tires from him.

Ron Smith and Ann Cunningham made this video of the block where I lived. Excuse the spelling of my last name.

1, First house. Ike Bates’ family had a small house much further back in the lot. I would expect that it is gone now.

2. This is the house where we lived for about 6 months while the other 4 were being built.

3. My family moved into this house, and we lived here until I was about 13. Then we moved to a house on Maybelle Ave that we built with our own hands. It was about 10 miles West of Wichita in a small town. It was in the Goddard School district. My graduating class was only 20 students.

4. This house was rented out, and I only remember the family with the girl who molested me.

5. This empty lot once had a house where the husband and his lovely war bride lived.

6. My grandfather lived here.

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