Wixom saddlebags

Wixom saddlebags, BMW motorcycle luggage, paniers

BMW Motorcycle saddlebags by Wixom

by Duane Ausherman

Wixom /2

Wixom bag mounts on the slash 2 BMW motorcycle.  Wixom bags on the slash 2 BMW motorcycle.

 Photos supplied by Pierre Michaud. Thanks.

Wixom /5

Black Wixom bags on a BMW slash 5 motorcycle.  Rear view of black Wixom bags on a BMW slash 5 motorcycle.  Black Wixom bags on a BMW slash 5 cafe motorcycle.  Black Wixom bags on a BMW slash 5 cafe motorcycle.  Wixom bag mounts on a BMW slash 5 motorcycle.

 Black Wixom bag  Black Wixom bags for a BMW slash 5 motorcycle with the mount.  BlacWixom bag for a BMW slash 5 motorcycle with the mount and the bag open.

These three are Wixom model 303

 Wixom bag key

The key is next to a USA nickel.

The Wixom mounts were manufactured by Reynolds Machine Tool in Salt Lake City.  They also made other BMW accessories, but mostly under their name.  Photos were supplied by several people, and I lost track, sorry.

The ad for Wixom bags on the slash 5 BMW motorcycle

These photos are the centerfold of Road Rider 1973.

Wixom bag ad for BMW motorcycles.  Wixom top box for BMW motorcycles. This accessory will probably make the motorcycle wobble.

These bags and boxes were quite popular in the 70s. Just add in the fairing, and you have the definition of a high-speed wobble.

I don’t know if they are all the same, but the keying does seem very simple.  My locksmith provided a luggage key for “Amelia Earhart,” luggage #2086.  Only the first tooth on the key engages the lock, but it works.  “Amelia Earheart” is a luggage brand name; it is stamped into the key.  The number 2086 is the key code for a particular keying for the suitcase lock.  Thanks to Drew Daniels.

Wixom latch sets new w keys, US $12.00/pr, free shipping in the USA.  http://www.cyclepsycho.com/  It is a Japanese bike wrecker but you get the goodies where you can 🙂  Thanks to Brent C. Schapansky.

Fulmer bought out Wixom and made bags for a couple of years before going out of business.  The only difference was in the lid latches.  Thanks, Boxer, by Bruce.

Arthur Fulmer bags, formerly Wixom bags  Another photo of the Wixom look alike Fulmer bags. Hal, thanks for the photo.

The Arthur Fulmer bags were stout, heavy fiberglass.  We’d ice down a case of beer in each and head to the motocross or hill climbs every Sunday to spectators and cheer our customers on.  A small drain hole drilled in the bottom of each bag eliminated sloshing and the corresponding reduction in handling on the way home. I wish I still had those bags!  Thanks to John Sudlow.

Updated 30 March 2023