Duane’s start

My start in life and Ham radio

by Duane Ausherman

This photo shows me at my radio station in my bedroom.  My first Ham rig was all homemade.  I have no photos of that equipment.  My first transmitter had only one tube and was built on a piece of wood.  It put out about 7 watts.

I worked hard at anything that paid money to be able to purchase better toys.  The receiver in the photo is a Collings 74A1, and the transmitter is an Allied kit that I assembled.  Collins was considered the top of the line, but this Collings receiver was the first Ham model, so it was old and cheap.

I recently found a box of stuff that we cleaned out of my mother’s house after she died in 1997.  She kept these photos of me as a youngster.  I look so naive and innocent.  Who knew how that would all change?

I was Baptised before I was a year old.  It didn’t work.

Updated 24 Sept 2019