My TV repair business

Roy’s TV Service

by Duane Ausherman

My middle name is Leroy.   I shortened it to Roy for use on ham radio because Duane was confusing on Morse code and Roy is shorter too.   Besides, Duane has 106 ways to spell it.   I decided to shorten Leroy and use Roy for my business also.   That was when I was a high school senior in the small town of Goddard, KS.  

I have only one artifact that my mother saved for me.   It is a leaflet that I paid the neighbor kids one cent to deliver to each house.  That was my only advertising.   It worked, and I was able to support myself well enough to go to college while working.  I had a station wagon for my TV work and a 1954 Buick Century for my social life.

Times and prices were different then.   My shop was in the basement of our home in Wichita, Kansas.   I graduated from Goddard High School in 1959 in a class of 20.   This brochure was handed out during my last semester of high school.   I wasn’t 18 until the 13th of June in 59.

Updated 24 Sept 2019