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 Used BMW motorcycle parts for sale (go to the bottom)

by Duane Ausherman

My ebay sales

Avoid negative feedback 


If you don't have time to read and follow this policy, then please don't bid on my items.

1.  No foreign sales, the paper work is too much trouble.  I have a system and any special request may disturb it.  
2.  I always specify a fixed amount for shipping.  Why?  I live in a rural town and we only have a US post office.  
3.  Below is a way for you to use UPS to get my items.  

    My packing and shipping estimates.

The shipping amount is only my best guess as I don't know what the insurance will cost till the sale price is known.  I don't know what it will weigh till I get it packed up.  I don't know the zip code.  I may combine two or more sales items in one shipment, but I won't hold things to combine.  It is only bookwork for me and I will screw it up.  If you are trying to save money on shipping, then don't bid on my items.   

I don't have professional packing materials, but it will be packed very well, read my feedback.  I use whatever I can scrounge up locally, mostly for free.  If the size or shape are odd, then it may take me a few days to "find" the materials.  If you are in a hurry, don't bid on my items.  It will be double addressed for sure.  If the item is even slightly delicate, it will be double boxed too.  Go to my positive feedback for buyers comments on my packing.  I am usually within $2 on final costs.  Sometimes I am over and sometimes under.  To pay for the few materials and tape that I must buy, I try to charge $1 more than the shipping.  

My "honor policy" on errors in shipping

I make mistakes, but I am honest.  I am willing to trust you too.  If I over estimate the shipping by more than $2, I will refund the amount over $2 with a personal check.  If you find that I have undercharged by over $2, you send the difference.  Failure to do so will not get you negative feedback, just no feedback.  This "honor policy" is to reduce my paper work.

My return policy.

If you have any problems, just email directly and ask me and it will get taken care of quickly.  The only way I will accept a return is if I have failed to accurately describe what the parts fit or the condition of the parts.  If you buy it for your project and it's the wrong part, because of my description, then return it for a refund of the purchase price.  The return shipping is your risk.  I have only had to take two parts back in the last two years that were due to my ignorance.  It will happen again.

How it works

I fully expect my sale to earn positive feedback from you.  Here is what I intend to do to deserve it.  

1.  Accurately describe the part as to it's condition and use.  Ask me, if you have questions.   

2.   If I find negative feedback in your history, I may refuse to sell you the item.  When the auction ends, wait, don't respond.  I will send you an invoice within 24 hours after the auction ends, if I am in town. 

3.  Answer my email with method of payment.

4.  As soon as I receive payment for the item, I will pack and ship, usually within 24 hours.

5.  I will pack and send your item with a confirmation of delivery notice.  The cost is about 40 cents extra.  

5.  I will notify you of my shipping, usually within a few hours, but always within 24.  

This is what I expect.

1.  Answers to my email within 24 hours.  This will include your method of payment.  If you are busy or have some issue that will prevent you from fulfilling my requirements, specify them and we will try to work it out.

2.  Notice of Paypal within 24 hours, or a prepaid check in a timely manner.  Paypal costs me about 2%, but it saves me a trip to the bank.

3.  Under no conditions will I accept a personal check.  I will return it and void the sale.  It is too much work for me to deal with personal checks.  The only neutral feedback that I have gotten is from someone who sent me a personal check, I deposited it and waited the 8 days that my bank recommended.  He was checking his account and the check cleared, but he didn't have his parts.  He didn't ask me, he just entered neutral feedback.  I have no way of knowing when a check clears, only if it bounces, and that takes time too.

4.  Email from you about the arrival of the shipment and your opinion.

5.  If your email is too full to get your messages and they bounce back, don't bother to bid on my items.  I am not your mother.

6.  If these conditions are too hard for you to manage in your busy life, please don't bid on my items.  I will give negative feedback.  I have only given negative feedback a few times and hope to never do it again.

I can ship UPS

1.  Let me know about your wish in the first email.

2.  After I receive payment for the item, I will pack it up, weigh it and email the weight, size and my address to you..

3.  You call your local UPS office, give them the info and pay for a "pick up order" with a credit card.

4.  Let me know the exact day that they are scheduled to pickup.  I will either be here or leave it for them to pick up.  The drivers know us well.

5.  It will cost you a few $ for this pick-up order and the UPS will cost more than the US mail.


More ebay drivel

Don't email me and ask for a specific part.  I can't find anything when I need it, even for myself.  Whatever is available will eventually be on ebay.  Some of the stuff has gone for much more than I thought and some for less than 1/2.  My "start" price is the amount that I am willing to pack it up for.  Again, I don't care about most items and they will just go away for the bid.  I usually don't have a reserve, but if I do, just ask me and I will tell you what it is.  

As a money maker, this is a loser.  If I got the part for free, and I often did, I would not make a living wage with this ebay thing.  The time to find, identify, clean somewhat, photograph, edit the photo, upload to my site and list on ebay, communicate with the winner, collect the money, address it, pack it, take it to the Post Office takes about one hour.  I no longer take personal checks as it takes me too much time to clear them.  I really don't even want money orders or prepaid checks, as it takes time to deposit them, but I will accept them.  I prefer Paypal for payment.  

So why do I do this?  I only do it because I once loved these parts and want them to find that right home.  This is no longer my business.   Some items start for $.01, yes one cent, because I could easily throw them away, but maybe someone wants them for some project.  When I sold them outright, for "my price" on the BMW lists I was sometimes surprised and disappointed to find them on ebay the next week.  The person who really wants it is willing to pay the highest price.  If you have any doubts as to my sincerity, just look at my web site for BMW info

I take many hours to compose technical info for owners and it is all free.  I spend more than an hour per day, just on email lists, answering technical questions about BMW.  This is all done willingly, but at my choice of time and method.  Like you, I have a life.  I want my experience to be used, not taken to the grave.  My BMW life has been very good to me and I hope that it is the same for you.

I only do this offering of parts when I have time.  Sometimes I take contract work and that can be anyplace in the world.  When that happens, I will disappear for some time.  When I return, I will again probably offer parts for sale.

Do I sound like a old grouch?  You bet I am.  I am old, short tempered, intolerant, opinionated and out spoken.  I have not always been this way, once I was young and stupid.  This is the "toned down" version.  Now, where did I put my meds:-)?

My agenda

I was a BMW motorcycle dealer and collector 30-35 years ago.  I still have hundreds of parts that were once very dear to me.  I had hoped to have these parts gone by the end of 2002, but didn't make it. These parts are surplus for me and they will go away soon.  I want/need to clear out some space in my shop.  Some will be offered over ebay.  Some probably will not be offered that way because they are in such limited demand.  I can wait till the "right" person comes along.  See that list below.  It will change often.

If you see a need to call on the telephone, first email me about it and the issue involved.  I will only accept calls when we have arranged it ahead of time.  Unexpected calls take time out of my life, at your convenience, not mine. 


Some of my non ebay parts and projects

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Used top end parts.  

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BMW and Butler and Smith promotional posters from the 70s and early 80s. Several very nice ones are still available.  

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