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/2 technical info, late 1955-69

by Duane Ausherman


1964 /2 owners manual. Takes time to load

Slash 2 heads. The "butterheads" of the /2 era. 

Slash 2 cylinders, new and old style.

Replacing the wristpin bushing.  The popularly accepted ways don't work.

Defective R60/2 pistons and proper ring orientation for all /2 rings.

Adjusting the /2 idle air mixture.

Installing, adjusting and greasing both /2 swingarms.

Correcting the /2 timing difference between cylinders.  Not a nice procedure.

Correcting the /2 carb intake leaks

Adjust the steering bearings and replace with tapered roller bearings, a great modification.

My experience with the reliability of the R60/2 vs. the R69S.  

R68 and R69 ignition retard lever.  What it really does.

The three types of /2 bench seats.  Solo seats too, more coming soon.

Email about seats, mostly /2

Replace your magneto or alternator with the Mz system.  Sold by Joel Rapose

A collection of email of the various aspects of 12 volt electrical upgrade.

Your /2 magneto may die and here is what to do.  Battery back up ignition, by Lonnie.

Some details of the early /2 from late 55 to mid 57.

More useless /2 restoration trivia for the obsessive/compulsive restorer. 

Info on the magneto advance timing curve.

The two types of muffler for the /2.  New, /3 info

Electrical diagram for 1955-60 R50, R60 and the R69, from 1959 owner's manual 


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