Pool Videos

This is a YouTube video of me shooting pool one handed. It had been about 20 years since I had been playing pool often, so I was way out of practice.

This video shows a straight in shot. The goal is to get position for the next shot that is at the end of the table where I am standing. A draw shot would be nearly impossible. Instead I shot to hit the rail first and then the object ball. The cue ball then traveled around the table and into perfect position. I made this shot on the first try.

This shot shows the cue ball frozen on a ball that is against the rail. Notice that the cue ball is not at a right angle to the object ball, it is closer to the pocket. This shot is illegal but there is a legal way to bank it across the table and into the corner pocket. It took me several tries to make it the legal way. We didn’t take a video of it.
This shot shows the cue ball behind another ball. Nothing can be pocketed, so the best thing to do is to improve the conditions. This shows that I can shoot “through” the ball that is in the way to hit and break away those two balls that are against the rail.

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