Tuning Service Bulletins

Tuning, fuel, petcocks, tank, fuel lines and related service bulletins

Fuel overflow idle jet screw replaced, Oct. 1952

Improved fuel feed to carbs, Nov. 1952

Ignition timing change for R25/2, R51/3, R67/2, R68, Dec 1952

R25/2 SAWE carb cable jamb, tuning, carb June 1953

R25 & R25/2 ignition timing, tuning, ignition timing July 1952

New improved R27 air filter, tuning, R27 air filter July 1963

New mechanical advance unit, tuning, mechanical advance unit June 1964

New flywheel timing marks, tuning, flywheel timing marks June 1964 due to the above change

Fuel issues bulletin 5-79-7NS

Gas cap lock bulletin 11-79-11NS

Carburettors on the /6, 122 M, June 1974

R90S carb mounting 148 M, November 1974

Repairing fuel taps (petcocks), 1051 R, June 1978

Lean R65 carb, 1068 R, May 1979

R90S Blue Exhaust Pipes

Lower compression /5  073 M, June 1973

Pulse air system modification, 2035 May 1981

Engine idle speed variations, 2055 March 1982

More idle speed issues, 2072 Feb. 1983

High altitude performance adjustment, 2080 Nov. 1983  I included this for a bit of humor.  Who is going to do this?

Mods to all 800 cc models, 2120 Aug. 1984 Translation, they run like crap.

Don’t use gasohol, 2134 Dec. 1984

California fuel evaporation emission system, 2186 Dec. 1985

Fuel evaporation system warning, 2187 Dec. 1985

Fuel cap dust lip damage to tank, 2244 July 1987 read the next one below

More about the above dust lip damage, 2486 Oct. 1991

Improved air filter, 1981 on, 2245 March 1987

High altitude performance, 2399 March 1990

Fix your vibrating 1988 R100 carb, 2414 Aug. 1990

R & K series fuel filter issue, 2794 Nov. 1997

Coil troubles, 2572 Jan. 1993

Spark plug torque error, 2864 Feb. 1999